Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ridiculously absent....

Well, it has been too long!

But here we go.

I was thinking the other day about how to ease Steve into our days. He will be home with us during the busy times and he is a law enforcer. So when he is home he tries to create rigid laws and that is not how I work. For anyone who knows me, you know I don't do well when under management. So, in an effort to explain the way we do things, I always try to use metaphor.  Here is mine.

Our life is like the ocean. There is an ebb and flow to all we do. We are in constant movement. You could spend your days at the shore feeling the waves lap your feet, but I prefer to jump right in. Sometimes the water is calm. We float in silence listening to the light caress of the waves. Very peaceful. But most of the time the clouds are grey and grumbly, the water's movement is choppy and harsh. This is where I am at home. The swirls and waves crash all around as I keep calm and steady. As each child's waves crash on my skin I am the presence of peace that guides them. There are no black and white laws, everything is determined by what the whole family needs.

Very zen if you will but we have a lot on our plates and need it to be that way. Bella struggles with anxiety and lately has needed a lot of intervention. I found a natural way to help her, well, 2 ways, I am reducing her intake of processed sugars and have found a place in Norco that does Horse therapy. Now we just have to find the funds for it as it is not covered my insurance, although if I wanted to put her on chemical, insurance would surely pay for that!

Lucy is doing well with school and is such an easy kid that she sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. I feel so much guilt over that, but continue to work on that by giving her as much quality time as I can.

Abilene is a dream. She is such a hard worker. A typical kid her age would be walking, crawling and running off calories, but she is not. Which is fine, except her wonderful appetite and palette are causing her to gain weight. She is 24 lbs, which is not outrageous, but we now are having to watch what and how much she consumes. If she was walking this would be an issue since she would be burning the extra off. We were able to switch insurance which means I don't have to travel all over Southern California anymore! I found a place in Norco that has OT, PT AND Hippotherapy. The owner is a Doctor of Pediatric Therapy and a Proffessor at USC and I immediately trusted her. She has a daughter around Abby's age who has similar issues so she is the perfect person to help us out. Abilene has 2 PTs, 2OTs, and 1 early interevtionist a week.  Speech once a month.  In 3 months we will add Hippotherapy, horse therapy for core strengthening, probably twice a week.

A little much when you add 3 dance classes, 1 art class and taking and dropping off 2 big kiddos at 2 different schools.  Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I am just having a hard time fitting me in.

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